Zedd Master Section

Master Gains
Stereo Returns
Dynamic Slots
Stereo Compressor
Master Section
Monitor Volume
Stereo Assigner
Monitor Select

Master Section

Dynamic Processors

Stereo Compressor

Assignable to either of the Mix or Rec stereo busses. Useful for “glueing” the final mix.

Dynamic Modules 1 & 2

Each module can only be assigned to a single channel at a time.

Bus Masters

Each of the Bus Outputs and Aux/Cue sends has their own dedicated master gain knobs to adjust their grouped signals.

Stereo Returns

There are 4 stereo returns that receive a signal for Left & Right. Each stereo return has a set of functions:

  • Cue A & B Bus
  • Rec & Mix Bus
  • Mono
  • Studio Level – Sends to Cue bus
  • Balance – Pan
  • Level – Level sent to Rec & Mix bus

Monitor Section

Select which stereo mix is played to the speaker output.

  • None
  • Rec
  • Mix
  • Cue A
  • Cue B

The Monitor Volume controls the level to the speaker output.

Bus Assigner

Additional controls for each of the stereo Rec & Mix busses. Using the combinations of grey buttons to assign them.

  • Stereo Compressor
  • + 4 db
  • Fader

Each function can only be used on a single bus. Notice the fader is listed. The master fader is not assigned to either mix by default as it needs to be assigned!

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