SteeV88 Subgroups


Subgroups allow us to group similar sounds into a single signal in order to keep consistency when mixing a large number of sounds. For example, drums.


  1. Load and set signal levels on a channel
  2. Engage groups 1 & 2
  3. Raise group faders 1 & 2
  4. Assign group 1 to LEFT
  5. Assign group 2 to RIGHT
  6. Raise Master Fader

Channel Group Assign

There are 8 mono groups and 1 stereo group which is actually the main mix bus. By default, the groups are POST fader.

Group Masters

There are a number of controls available to each group. Each group has buttons to assign the group to the left and/or right main stereo mix independently. Like the channels, there is a button to engage or disengage the Pan.

External Routing

The subgroups feed the “Group Outputs” on the patchbay. Additionally, group inserts could be applied to any of the subgroups using the patchbay and external audio processors.

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