EDU Account Creation


Following this guide will ensure a seamless experience for students to obtain their subscriptions and join their school edu portal.

  • Register as a student or educator ~ here
  • Verify email, set password and login
  • Download SoundcheckPro ~ here

If supplied with a coupon code use it during checkout from the webshop ~ here


The sign up form is the same used for all users. However, it is important that instructors/students use their school emails when registering. This enables the accounts to be verified to exist from a program and be added to the edu portal. Coupon Codes distributed to schools will generally only work with school emails.



Regardless how a program has been setup for EDU pricing, licenses are distributed in the form of coupon code(s) that account for the amount ordered. Use this code on the web site checkout to show the appropriate pricing.

The coupon codes are applied during checkout from the webshop


Note for Educators

Once educational accounts are created, they will appear in the edu portal with an indicator of their subscription status.

View the EDU Portal

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