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The DG32 digital mixer simulation features 4 time-based effect slots. Each of the 4 audio effects can be configured to receive signal from any of the busses. Parameters are tweaked using the sliders at the bottom of the LCD (subject to change). The output of each effect feeds the the inputs of the “FX Returns” banks.

On Board Effects

FX1 is a reverb unit.
FX2 is a reverb unit.
FX3 is a delay unit.
 is a delay unit.

FX Return Layer

The FX Returns are fed by the outputs of the audio effects slots.

FX1 output feeds FX-Returns 1 & 2.
FX2 output feeds FX-Returns 3 & 4.
FX3 output feeds FX-Returns 5 & 6.
 output feeds FX-Returns 7 & 8.

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Routing an Audio Effect

  1. Select the Channel
  2. Enable the “Sends-On-Fader” button (notice bus section label changes)
  3. Raise the fader for bus 1.
  4. Disengage “Sends-On-Fader”
  5. Toggle the “Effects” tab of the mixer display
  6. Go to the FX-1
  7. Enable the effect
  8. Toggle the “FX-Returns” section of the faders
  9. Raise the faders for returns 1 & 2
  10. Select return one, raise the input gain, pan
  11. Balance original and processed signals
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Video Tutorial


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