Lessonplans & Exercises


To offer some ideas how to segment the topics available to demonstrate.

These documents are ready to go and designed to be repurposed to provide students with more variety of challenges.

Lessonplan Format

Designed for ease of implementation, our modular lesson-plans can be inserted into any existing course. Serving, topics and milestone indicators to monitor student growth.

The format breaks down as follows:

  • Topics
  • Objectives
  • Assignments
  • Assesments
  • Outcomes
  • Essentials Questions
  • Resources
  • Related Topics

Exercise Format

We’ve modded our lesson plans to create exercise documents that are ready made for students to practice at home!

The format breaks down as follows:

  • Objectives
  • Reading / Videos
  • Questions
  • SoundcheckPro Assignments
  • Glossary Terms
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