EDU Portal For Schools

The EDU Portal provides schools with additional educational capabilities. The school profile page allows educators to create classrooms and monitor students stats with ease.

*This page is for school administrators & teachers*
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School Profiles

A Bird's Eye View of Your Program

  • Collective information about your program
  • List available classrooms. Create new ones!
  • View all students in your program.
  • Verify activations for students and labs.
  • Monitor student stats

Create Classrooms

Monitor Students in Groups

  • Divide students into groups of classrooms
  • Students join, educators monitor stats
  • Monitor student stats and activity feed
  • More features coming soon!
SoundcheckPro Activity Feed - SoundcheckPro Actions

Activity Feed *beta*

Data Driven Audio Education

Actions in SoundcheckPro forward to the Activity Feed. View the interactions in sequential order to see how students are engaging with the software.

IT & Management

Verify Student & Lab Accounts

Get a bird's eye view of your program. Verify all accounts, activations, subscriptions and school license codes.

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The EDU Portal is For Teachers & Students.
Requires a school be registered and student accounts verified.