SteeV88 Master Section


The master section on an audio mixer is typically located right side of the mixer and includes controls for adjusting the overall level of the mix.

Upper Master Section

Contains all the major destinations of the mixer.

  • Aux Masters
  • Subgroups
  • Stereo Returns
  • Monitoring Section

Subgroups and Master Faders

  • Subgroup faders
  • Master Fader


Aux Master Gains

Adjusts the level of the combined audio signals being sent to the Aux Bus output. There are only 2 individual aux master gain controls for each Aux 1 & 2. The SOLO switches allow for previewing the aux on the Solo Bus.

Stereo Return Master Gains

A stereo return allows you to bring in audio from external sources, such as effects processors or other audio sources, and mix them into the main stereo mix. Each stereo return consists of two inputs, left and right, which are designed to receive a stereo audio signal.

Monitor Section

Control the level and source of the audio signal being sent to the headphone output, which is used for monitoring the mix or individual channels.

Solo Master

Controls the level of the solo bus. Listen to individual channels or groups of channels in isolation, without affecting the main mix or monitor mix. Designate whether soloed signals are PRE & POST fader with the “AFL / PFL” switch.

LED Level Meter

A row of small lights, located above the Main Mix knob, that provides a visual representation of the level of the audio signal passing through the main mix bus. The LED level indicator consists of a row of LED lights that light up as the level of the signal increases. The LED level indicator is a useful tool for monitoring the level of signals in real-time, and can help prevent distortion or clipping by alerting the user when the signal is too hot. By using the LED level indicator, the user can adjust the level of each channel to ensure that the audio signal is clean and undistorted.


Group together multiple channels and control their level and processing as a single unit. Assign any of the fader to either or both of the left & right signals of the main mix bus.

Main Mix (Master Fader)

Adjusts the overall level or volume of all the audio signals that are being send to the main mix. It is the final stage in the mixing process before the audio is sent to the main output of the mixer.

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