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"I learned more with this in 2 days than I did in 2 semesters"

– Student of NYC

"I really felt like I was upstairs in one of the audio suites."

– SAE Student

"It looked confusing at the start but I now have confidence... I can do this by myself"

– NYC Student

Software Tools

Virtual Training Software has proven effective in audio education. Our flagship product, "SoundcheckPro", is used by academic programs around the globe.


The recent release of the "EDU Portal" offers schools administrative  oversight into the SoundcheckPro activity of their programs.


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Lectures & Presentations

Goal: Educate faculty & students on how to maximize their time with audio hardware using Soundcheck & Virtual Studio software.

We've done presentations for schools, businesses and industry events such as NAMM & AES.

Lesson Planning

We're here to assist the transition of your audio program from traditional to revolutionary.


Our lesson catalog can be accessed by educators. The modules can easily be swapped with lessons with existing lesson plans at any order.


"A great, useful training tool for a lot of people that haven't really experienced signal flow`"

– Zack, student of Full Sail University

"SoundcheckPro = easily accessible + easy to use + very informative especially in the classroom"

– Umut, NYC Educator

"My experience using SoundcheckPro to teach analog consoles to one of my private students was beyond satisfactory."

– Juan, Educator from Peru

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