Dynamic Processors


Intended to “replace” the sound. Meaning, it won’t be “blended” with the original.

Equalizers will remove undesired range of frequencies. The original signal is no longer the same as it is preferred to work with the newly processed signal.



Boost or remove a desired range of frequencies.


Pushes loud sounds down to a desired threshold to keep the volume consistent.


Silence a sound if there are no loud signals passing.


Offering a combination of dynamic processing stages.



The PK2A compressor that utilizes an electro-optical gain reduction design to apply dynamic range compression and add warmth and smoothness to audio signals.


The PK3A compressor is a solid-state, analog device used in audio processing that is similar to the PK2A but with a faster attack time and a more transparent sound, making it suitable for a wider range of audio sources.


The SzFx stereo compressor is a dynamic range processor that provides transparent gain reduction, stereo linking, and precise control over attack and release times

Jericho Channel

The Jericho Channel combines a microphone preamplifier, equalizer, compressor, and “texture” control in a single unit, designed to provide pristine sound quality and extensive control over every aspect of the signal chain.

Fishtec EQ

The Fishtec stereo EQ is an uses passive filter designs and tube amplification to provide a warm, musical sound character, and is unique for its unique low-end “dip” and high-end “boost” curves.

Surge EQ

The SurgeEQ is a graphic equalizer that allows for precise frequency-based control over an audio signal by dividing the audio spectrum into multiple frequency bands, each with its own adjustable gain level, usually represented as a series of sliders on a horizontal panel.

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