Yamuka EQ


Equalizers (EQ) control the frequency content of a signal.
Humans can hear sounds between 20 hertz and 20 kilohertz.
The EQ adjusts the signal in specific range of fixed frequencies.

EQ Hi Gain
EQ Low Gain


The EQ on the Yamuka mixer has 2 bands (Hi & Low). Each band has a gain control that can either boost or reduce at a fixed frequency.

Use Cases

Perception vs Volume

It’s easy to consider changing volume of a signal to blend in a mix. However, sometimes merely adjusting the EQ can deliver better results for better placing a sound in the mix. For instance raising the the mid range would increase its perception without boosting the bass frequencies that might otherwise be muffling the mix. Don’t let mixes become too cluttered!

Minimize Unwanted Artifacts

To easily locate the offending frequency range , boost an EQ-bands to see if the problems worsens. Lower any of the bands that are obstructing the clarity of the signal.

Layered Sounds

Using different EQ settings on multiple guitars or drums can create more fullness and character in the mix. The subtle difference make a larger impact on the final result.

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