A "Hardware Style" Audio Mixer, FREE in the Browser

Xena is a free educational resource accessible to browsers, mobile devices, tablets and beyond!

What you will learn

Introduction to Mixers

Get acquainted with the mixer in it's simplest form.

FX Sends + Reverb

Add effects to a signal. In other cases this can create an artist headphone mix.

The Channelstrip

The common functions found in many channels; Input Gain, EQ, FX Send, Pan & Level.

Critical Listening

Using all of the functions, identify and process unwanted parts of sounds by using your ears!

Why Schools Love It?

Essential Skills

Many programs want to offer students the most basic tools for audio. However, to equip an entire class with mixers far exceeds resources.

Uses Existing Tech

Programs don't have to purchase anything they don't already have. Students can access via handheld devices or computers outside school.

New Potentials

To offer even the most basic skills of pro-audio expands academic opportunities for students. Schools can also expand to offer richer courses.

To help implement this resource in your class, lessonplans and new knowledge base articles are freely available.

We are very receptive to feedback.
This project is dedicated for K-12 learning.