SoundcheckPro Web App ~ FREE for browsers

The SoundcheckPro Web App is a free educational resource accessible to browsers, mobile devices, tablets and chromebooks! Learn the very basics of hardware mixing with the XENA mixer.

What You Will Learn

Introduction to Mixers

Get acquainted with the mixer in it's simplest form.

FX Sends + Reverb

Add effects to a signal. Create a headphone mix.

The Channelstrip

Input Gain, EQ, FX Send, Pan & Level.

Critical Listening

identify and process unwanted parts of sounds by using your ears!

Example: Teaching Over Zoom

SoundcheckPro Web App Xena Signal Flow Virtual Mixer

How it looks to use Zoom's "Annotate Feature" on top of the Virtual Mixer

Why Schools Love It?

Essential Skills

Enables programs to virtually teach students about mixers without needing to use physical hardware.

Uses Existing Tech

Access via handheld devices like tablets, chromebooks or computers outside school.

New Potentials

Focus on the fundamentals and academic opportunities for students.


To help implement this resource in your class, lessonplans and new knowledge base articles are freely available.

We are very receptive to feedback.
This project is dedicated for K-12 learning.
For more features checkout the full version of SoundcheckPro.