Maggie Overview


Maggie is a split-design mixer that contains majority of the destinations found in signal flow. Inspired by one of the most common-style mixers seen in small home studios, event halls and most importantly education! When you learn Maggie, you are learning with the most used workflow in education practices.

Below is a Maggie overview with specs and parameters.

Channel Strip


values are determined by the INPUT MODULE selected above the channel strip.

  • The MIC option uses a mic-pre to amplify the signal from 0-60db.
  • The LINE option boosts or reduces from -20db to +40db.

The Aux

Has 6 auxes total on the mixer but the section has 4 knobs on the channel strip. However, the knobs for auxes 3 & 4 could be reconfigured to control the levels of 5 & 6 using the SHIFT button.

By default the auxes are POST fader. For Aux 1 & 2 they can be reconfigured to use PRE FADER.


Has 3 bands (Hi,Mid & Low). The Hi & Lo bands can boost or reduce a fixed frequency while the Mid band is more flexible that it can sweep frequencies.


Not always found as a switch with this category of mixers. At times inserts are routed at the instant a cable in plugged into the insert port. An insert switch is found on the Maggie for ease of use and bypassing insert chains.

Fader Section

  • Pan
  • Mute / Solo
  • Main LR Bus
  • Subgroups 1-4

Master Section

Described from top to bottom

Aux Masters

Controls the overall gain of all the channels that send to a signal to auxes 1 & 2 with the ability to solo the sends.

The other auxes exit the mixer without controls.

Phantom Power

Assign 48 volts to microphones on channels 1 & 2.

Stereo Returns

4 each of the stereo returns there are two signals (left & right). There are several routing options for each of the returns.

  • Assign options to LR or to Subs 1-2, 3-4
  • Route to Phones only
  • Returns SOLO

Monitor Sections

  • Monitor Source – Main Mix, Subs 1-2, Subs 3-4, Tape, None
  • Solo – Gain, Mode (AFL , PFL), Rude Solo (LED)
  • Meter

Subgroups & Master Fader

Each of the 4 subgroups has a fader and options to assign the fader to the left and/or right signal of the MAIN MIX bus.

The master fader feeds the output of the mixer.


Channel Count: 4 & 16

Mic Input GainInput Gain
Line Input Gainx
Input Section Togglesx
EQ KnobsHi-Gain, Mid-Gain, Mid-Freq, Low-Gain
EQ TogglesLow-Cut
Channel Aux / Send*6 Sends* Send Level, Pre-Fader, Shift
Channel Fader SectionChannel-Fader, Solo, Mute, LR
Channel Sub-Groups / Track-BusBus 1-2, Bus 3-4,
Master AuxSend LevelsAux1-Master, Aux2-Master, Aux1 Solo, Aux 2 Solo
Master Sub Groups*4 Sub groups* Sub-%-Master, Sub-&-Master-L, Sub-&-Master-R
Master Monitor SectionMaster Fader, Monitor Source Select, ControlRoom/Phone Volume, Solo Level, Solo Mode (AFL/PFL)
Master Section FX Processingx
Stereo Return*4 Returns* Return-%-Level, ToLR/ToSubs, Assign 1-2/3-4 To Aux 1, To Aux 2, Returns Solo
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