Bundle Purchases

Note~ This article is for bundle purchases and won’t help activate a subscription on a personal account. For help with personal subscriptions, click here.


Purchasing multiple licenses is performed via a separate online shop. A subscription will not be activated on the purchasers account, rather a coupon code will be supplied that can be used to activate other personal accounts.

  1. Visit the bundle shop : https://audiofusion.com/shop-bundle/
  2. Select the license type
  3. Set the quantity of licenses to purchase
  4. Complete the checkout form

After the payment process is completed, a coupon code will be supplied. The activation limit & duration is dependent on the license type and quantity purchased in the shop.

Schools & Businesses

For schools or businesses, it is recommended to have an EDU Portal profile already set up and to be logged in when performing a bulk purchase. This will allow the supplied coupon code to appear in the school portal profile.

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