Tape Machines


The devices used to capture recordings are often referred to as “Multi Track Recorders” (MTR). An MTR might be the classic tape machine, as could be fond in SoundcheckPro’s external rack, or the MTR could be a software running from a computer.

The “vDAW” is a different MTR function in SoundcheckPro which is covered in a separate article. vDAW is not found in the external rack.

8-Track MTR (ADAT)

Record 8 patchable inputs to a stereo file. The output of the 8 track can be routed back anywhere in the environment using the patchbay. Useful for demonstrating the Monitor vs Channel signal paths.

24-Track MTR (Analog)

The classic analog-style tape machine that records a stereo audio file of whatever is coming out of whatever source is being monitored by the console to a stereo file.

The functionality of this device will be drastically changed or replaced entirely.

Extra Learning

History of Analog Tape Machines ~ HERE

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