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Audio Fusion develops foundational tools for enhancing audio education in the classroom and distance learning. Based in the USA, Audio Fusion has been innovating in Pro Audio Edtech since 2014.


Online Collaboration in a 3D Music Studio is Now Possible

A first for a native pro audio application. Users can connect and work together in the same sessions from anywhere in the world.

SoundcheckPro Saves Audio Education $10+ Million through Pandemic

Schools did not only sustain their courses, but provided even more value to students.

Introducing "Virtual Studio XR" - The Evolution of Audio Education

A fully immersive recording studio simulation. VR Compatible. The ultimate practical examination tool.

Articles and Mentions:

  • BuiltinNYC -
  • The Pro Audio Files

On The Road (Events and Workshops)

  • AES 141st Convention – Exhibitor
  • Winter NAMM 2017 – Exhibitor
  • Imsta Festa LA 2017 – Masterclass Presentation
  • Orlando IX 2016/17 – Exhibitor
  • Impact Conference 2016 – Presenter
  • Music Summit: Harvard Business School 2017 – Exhibitor