External Rack Overview


Processors which are not built into console are called “external processors or devices” or “outboard gear”. These devices can be used by routing to/from them in the signal chain via the patchbay or hardwired in the signal path. These devices reside in the “external rack” somewhere near or surrounding the console.

The Patchbay

The routing matrix provides access to all of the inputs & outputs in the entire environment. Route audio anywhere and create simple-to-complex signal chains.

Read more about the patchbay.

Dynamic Processors

Intended to “replace” the sound. Meaning, it won’t be “blended” with the original.
For more information on dynamic processors, see the dedicated article.


Mono compressor modelled after a studio-classic.


Mono compressor with faster settings than the PK-2A.


Stereo Compressor with parameter linking.

Jericho Channelstrip

An inline processor with Gain/Trim, EQ & Compression.

Fishtec EQ

An EQ with unique parameter controls.

Surge EQ

A graphic equalizer.

Time-Based Processors

Intended to create an enhanced stereo image that is “blended” with the original sound. 
All time-based effects offer the “Mono to Stereo” feature.

Finite Verb

Reverb designed to emulate spaces by cubic metrics using the “Finite Element Method” used in various predication analysis sciences.


Simple Reverb


Simple Delay


Feedback delay unit.

Multitrack Recorders


The digital representation of the DAW destination in SoundcheckPro. There are no windows for the vDAW, only meters verifying a signal is flowing through the destination.

8-Track MTR

Record 8 patchable inputs to a stereo file. The output of the 8 track can be routed back anywhere in the environment using the patchbay. 

24-Track MTR

A classic analog-style tape machine.
Records the monitor source output to a stereo file.

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