Audyssey Mic vs Tape Path


The Audyssey mixer has both a mic path and tape paths, which are two separate signal paths with different functions.

The mic path is the signal path that connects the microphone inputs on the mixer to the rest of the signal chain. When you plug a microphone into one of the inputs on the mixer, the mic signal is routed through the mic preamp, which amplifies and conditions the signal before sending it towards the small fader.

The tape path is a separate signal path that is designed to route external audio sources into the mixer. It is called the tape path because it was originally designed for connecting tape machines, but it can also be used for connecting other playback devices such as CD players, MP3 players, or other mixers. The tape inputs are separate from the mic inputs.

The main difference between the mic path and the tape paths is that the mic path is optimized for recording live sound sources, while the tape path is optimized for playback of pre-recorded material. The mic path is designed to provide high-quality, low-noise amplification and EQ for live instruments and vocals, while the tape path is designed to provide a transparent signal path for playback of pre-recorded material. Additionally, the tape path has its own set of level controls, which allows you to balance the level of the playback material with the level of the live inputs.

Both paths could be used simultaneously. The mic path would record live signals from microphones which would record into a DAW of some kind. The tape path would receive the recorded output from the DAW to adjust levels for the final mix in realtime.

Mic Path

  • Input connector for Mic channel 1.
  • Mic-pre input gain
  • Small Fader
  • Group Bus Assign
  • Group Master Trim
  • vDAW

Tape Path

  • vDAW
  • Input connector for Tape channel 1
  • Tape input gain
  • Large Fader

Bus Assign

Assigning to any of the group busses will automatically feed the inputs of the vDAW. The output of the vDAW is automatically connected to the inputs of the Tape path.

Flip Faders

The roles of the faders on the Audyssey could be reversed using the FLIP switch. When engaged, the small fader then controls the Tape path and the large fader controls the Mic path.

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