The Master Section


The main control panel of the mixer.

Common Features:

  1. Bus, Aux and Cue master gains
  2. Stereo Returns
  3. Assign the monitor output.

Different console offer different features.

Aux/Cue Master Gains

Balance the global audio signal of a send before it reaches the patchbay.

Stereo Returns

A stereo input for incoming signals likely used as auxs or grouped signals. Can be routed into the main stereo busses or another destination such as the cues. Features differ per console.


Control the audio and play out to the speakers.

Bus Select

Desired audio to play to the speakers.
The amount of bus options will vary.

Monitor Gain

The level of the audio playing to the speakers.

Solo Gain

Some mixers have a solo gain knob that is independent of monitor volume.

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