Audio I/O Issues


Control playback with the buffer options found in SETTINGS>AUDIO Tab (session mode). Buffer/Vector options can cause audio issues with playback quality if set incorrectly.

Audio Clicks

Check the DSP settings to ensure the maximum range for DSP is “100”

Soundcard Changes

Changing the soundcard during playback will likely clicks or could disable the audio engine entirely.

Check that the AUDIO ENGINE is ‘on’ in SETTINGS>AUDIO Tab.

No Mic Input

SoundcheckPro treats hardware input as if there is a 24 channel soundcard connected to the computer.

Typically a DAW will automatically configure hardware inputs 1 & 2 for all channels that are “input armed” and configured to mic. In SoundcheckPro, a channel listens to the input number of that channel. If the hardware I/O doesn’t exist, there is an empty signal.

Configure the desired channel with the desired IO input. Example, set channel 4 to listen to IO input 1 or 2.

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