Getting Sound through Xena


Load an audio source in the sources window. Use the DEMO FILE if needed.


  1. Raise input gain (mono channel, skip for stereo channels)
  2. Raise channel level
  3. Raise volume of the Main Mix
  4. Additional Step: Raise the CTRL Room knob in order to hear SoundcheckPro.
1. Input Gain
2. Channel Level
3. Main Mix

Input Gain

Controls the level of incoming audio into the channel. The behavior of this knob is dependent on the input connection being used. Mic signals are much quieter than line signals and therefore an extra boost. The mic input contains a “pre-amplifier” that is capable to raise the signal to accordingly and without introducing electrical noise. The line input has less boosting capability.

Channel Level

Controls the output level of channel signals. Similar to the input gain, only at the opposite end. After the level control the signal then feeds the main stereo mix.

Main Mix

Controls the signal levels of main stereo mix before exiting the main outputs of the mixer.

Additional: CTRL Room

Listen to the main stereo mix separate from the main mix outputs.

Phantom Power

Certain microphones require external power in order to properly function. The Phantom Power switch supplies +48 volts to any of the XLR Mic inputs. Warning, sending phantom power to an incompatible microphone could potentially damage it.

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