Audyssey Inserts


Inserts on a mixer are a type of audio input/output that allow you to insert external processors, such as equalizers, compressors, or other effects, into a specific channel or track in the mixing console. Inserts are usually located on the rear panel of the mixer, and typically consist of a 1/4-inch TRS (tip-ring-sleeve) jack that connects to an external device.

What is an Insert?

When an external processor is inserted into an insert jack, the audio signal from the channel or track is routed through an audio processor before being sent back to the mixer. In the case of Audyssey, there are 2 separate insert points PER CHANNEL for both the Mic/Line & Tape paths.

How to Add an Insert?

  • Activate an insert on the desired path
  • Use the patchbay to route the INSERT SEND # to a device, such as the PK2A compressor.
  • Power on the external audio device
  • Use the patchbay to route from the output of the device to the INSERT RETURN #.
Tape Insert
Mic/Line Insert
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