Channel Module


The channel module is mainly for balancing and routing of signals. Besides for the gain stages, there are no processors on the SteeV88 channel module.

  • Input Select
  • Input Gain Trim
  • Group Matrix (Stereo Feeds Main Mix)
  • Aux & Cue Sends

Input Section

Can receive 3 inputs. Line, Bus or Tape. By default, the Line input is fed from the “Insert Return” section of the patchbay. The “Bus” option using the unique internal routing from the Input Module above the channel. “Tape” is fed by the output of vDAW. However the Line & Tape options could be re-routed using the patchbay.

The trim knob controls the levels of the selected input.

Group Matrix

Assign a channel to the main stereo mix or to any of 8 subgroups. The busses are POST fader. Groups 1-8 feed the Bus & Group faders in the master section. “Stereo” feeds the Master Fader.

Aux Sends

There are 8 aux sends with functions grouped in pairs of 2. Certain auxes offer different functions such as pre, pan, send follows pan (SFP) and more. Use the specific aux for a specific person.

Fader Section

A mostly standard fader section with a fader, solo/mute and pan. The unique feature of this mixer is the ability to disengage the pan using a toggle button.

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