Routing Settings


Internal Matrix I/O for the digital sound card.

Routing Presets

Quickly configure the matrix

  1. Internal Fileplayer
  2. Soundcard
  3. Rewire~
  4. Split Console 

Matrix UI

Internal FIleplayer

This is the default mode to use the files dragged on the sources tab.

Sound card Input

Use external microphones or signals from the audio interface or built-in microphones. The ADVANCED WINDOW offers more control over where inputs will show up on the mic panel.

Rewire~ Input

When set up as a rewire slave, we can receive audio from other compatible applications.

Virtual DAW (vDAW)

An invisible destination where the DAW would be in the signal path. Direct outputs of the AWX console will feed the vDAW and can be re-routed back onto the console by assigning a channel to the desired vDAW output.

Split Console configuration is the classic dividing of a mixer so that the CHANNEL & MONITOR paths are displayed on the desk. If the mixer is 24 channels, then the first 12 channels will represent the CHANNEL PATH to be fed into the vDAW and routed onto the second half of 12 channels which will hold the MONITOR PATH.

vDAW is only compatible with the AWX Console!
For the other consoles, use the 8ch MTR.

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