Input & EQ Module


The input module of the SteeV88 console consists of inputs for mic or line and an EQ.

Input Section

The input type can be either Mic or Line, determined by the “Mic/Line” toggle button. The default is MIC. When engaged it module uses a line level input signal.

  • The mic-pre amplifies the signal from 0-60db.
  • The trim option boosts or reduces from -20db to +40db
  • Toggle the Phase or Phantom Power
  • Meter input levels.
  • The Hi Pass Filter can adjust in frequency
  • The “To EQ” button sends the input through the EQ


The SteeV88 features a 3 band EQ with each band having a gain attenuation knob. The Mid and Low filters have adjustable frequency knobs. The Hi filter has 2 assignable frequencies using the button.

Output Routing

Signal from the input module is hard-routed to two destinations. One feeds the “Insert Send” section of the patchbay. The other feeds a special internal “Bus” unique to the SteeV88 where the input module which can directly feed channel module below it. This is useful for quickly bypassing inserts that are added to a channel.

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