Xena Master Section


The master section on a compact audio mixer is typically located right side of the mixer and includes controls for adjusting the overall level of the mix.

Main Mix level
LED Meters
CTRL Room (Monitor) Volume
Aux (FX) Return
Phantom Power

Main Mix Knob

The master section often includes a master volume knob or fader for controlling the overall volume of the mix, and


Monitor volume controls for listening to the main mix bus independent of the main mix outputs.

FX Return Knob

Controls the level of the stereo signal returning from external processors.

LED Level Meter

A row of small lights, located above the Main Mix knob, that provides a visual representation of the level of the audio signal passing through the main mix bus. The LED level indicator consists of a row of LED lights that light up as the level of the signal increases. The LED level indicator is a useful tool for monitoring the level of signals in real-time, and can help prevent distortion or clipping by alerting the user when the signal is too hot. By using the LED level indicator, the user can adjust the level of each channel to ensure that the audio signal is clean and undistorted.

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