Inserts enable the use of external audio processors that aren’t built-in to the actual mixer. When enabled the audio is routed from the channelstrip through an external signal path for processing and is then returned back to continue down the channelstrip.


Once signal is already entered the channel strip with healthy levels, one may want to process it further before it is finalised in the mix. Most consoles have an on-board EQ, however, there may be a desired external device that could easily be used.

Dynamic Processors are commonly used as Inserts.
In the Analog Domain, time-based effects are reserved for aux sends.

Where to Find It?

The exact way to activate an insert may differ per console. Typically a toggle switch is located mid-way through a channelstrip. In other cases, the insert can be activated upon patching in a cable.

Steps to Using An Insert

  1. Route audio into a channel and to the speaker output
  2. Activate the insert on the channel.
  3. Patch from the insert send into an external device input (EQ,Comp, etc)
  4. Patch from the device output to the insert return on the channel
  5. Activate the device and tweak parameters.
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