Channel Vs Monitor Path

The channel and monitor path are essential points for an audio engineer to understand. The goal is that during the performance, to record it as clean as possible either Pro Tools or Tape in order to obtain ‘true recording’. Simultaneously while recording, we also route the recording signal back onto the desk on a separate path to be mixed with heavier processing. The engineer decides which parts of the mix play to speakers or artists headphones. This is allows the engineer to experiment with the signal while keeping the original performance in tact.

It is important to note the types of consoles your using in such a case.


There are 2 input paths and channel faders per channel. Typically the upper fader will be for the channel (recording) path. The lower fader will work on the monitor (after-recorder) signal path.


There is a single input and fader per channel. Therefor a secondary input is needed in order to work with channel & monitor path. In most cases another channel will be used to emulate the workings of an INLINE console.

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