Audyssey Input Module


The input module is a key part of this console and provides a range of features to help you capture high-quality audio signals from various sources. With its preamps, high-pass filter, insert points, phase invert, pad, input gain, and EQ controls, it offers a range of features to help you achieve the sound you’re looking for in your recordings and mixes.


Mic Pre: The mic inputs feature preamps to boost mic signals.

High Pass Filter: Remove low-frequency noise and rumble from the signal.

Insert Points: Each channel has an insert point, which allows you to insert external processors, such as compressors or EQs, into the signal path.

Phase Invert: Correct phase issues between channels or to create phase-related effects.

Pad: The input module features a -20dB pad on each channel, which can be used to attenuate hot signals or to prevent overload.

Input Gain: The input module includes a rotary gain control on each channel, which allows you to adjust the level of the incoming signal.

Phantom Power: Send +48 volts to microphones that requires extra power.

Meter Switch: Swap the small and large meter indicators for the mic & tape paths.

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