Recording a session is possible with a Multitrack Recorder. This could be a tape machine or a DAW. “vDAW” is a virtual representation of the DAW destination in SoundcheckPro.


There is no functionality to vDAW other than metering. The meters signifying both the input and the output of what would be reaching channels in a DAW.

The signal sent to vDAW is what would be recorded aka the “channel path”.
The returning signal would be considered the “monitor path”.

How to Use

vDAW is only compatible with the AWX & Audyssey consoles.

AWX Console

The direct outputs of the channelstrips are normalled to the vDAW. The returning signal needs to be assigned via the Routing Settings.


  • Route audio into a channel
  • Raise the input gain
  • Raise the channel fader
  • Assign to REC bus.
  • Open Settings>Routing Tab, verify meters
  • Assign the desired channel source to the vDAW channel number
  • Raise the input gain and channel fader of this new channel
  • Assign to MIX bus.
  • Preview the REC & MIX bus.

Audyssey Console

The bus master gains are normalled to the vDAW. The returning signal is normalled the corresponding channel Tape Input.


  1. Route audio into the mic input
  2. Raise the tape input gain
  3. Raise the small fader
  4. Assign to a Bus
  5. Raise the Bus Master Gain
  6. Open Sources tab, verify meters for vDAW
  7. Raise Tape Input gain of vDAW channel number
  8. Raise Large Fader
  9. Assign to Mix
  10. Select Main Mix in Monitor Select
  11. Select Main Speaker Out
  12. Raise Master Fader
  13. Raise Monitor Volume

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