Getting Started with Digital Mixers


The DG32 is the first digital mixer to appear in SoundcheckPro. It features computer controlled channels, buses, and internal routing & effects. The advantage of such a mixer is it’s compact design, flexible internal routing and session recalls.

Banks & Layers

The main approach to the DG32 is working in sets of BANKS. There are banks for channels, busses, fx-returns, VCAs and more. The faders slots on the left and right side mixer can display banks independently.

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“Select” to Display Parameters

Viewing a bank allows for controlling groups of faders. To dive deeper on an individual signal, use the SELECT button in order to assign the control knobs to read or change values of the parameters using the dials on the upper left hand side of the mixer. Keep in mind, only one slot may be in focus at a given time.

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Getting Sound

  • Assign an audio file input and play.
  • Display a channel bank and select the desired channel.
  • Raise the input gain, channel fader and assign to the MIX bus
  • Raise the master fader for the main output
  • Observe and listen to the mix with the monitor volume
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Image by pvproductions on Freepik

Video Tutorial

If the embedded video is not working, visit this link

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