Mixer Input, Speaker Output


Now that we understand the environment we could start to use the mixer. Follow the common steps of signal flow to get sound to the speakers.


  1. Load Audio Files and Play
  2. Raise channel input gain . Observe meters for a healthy signal.
  3. Assign channel Main Output (Mix or L/R)
  4. Raise channel fader. Observe meters for healthy signal.
  5. Select main output on monitor control
  6. Slowly raise monitor gain.

Input Gain

The entry point for incoming audio into the console. The level of signal is controlled by this parameter. Use the meters to achieve a healthy signal.

Main Output Bus

The output of channels are routed through a stereo bus to be sent to the speakers. Depending on the features of the console, more stereo bus destinations may be offered.

Channel Fader

Controls the level of signal being sent out of the channel.

Monitor Select

Assign which stereo bus is routed to the speakers.

Typical options:

  • Main or L/R or Mix – Common to channelstrips
  • Cue – Headphone mix

Monitor Gain

With the desired output bus selected, control the level of signal being sent to the speakers.


These are the common steps used to approach most recording consoles. Check back soon for additional details.

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