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We’re looking for motivated individuals driven to make an impact on the next generation of music and education technology!
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Audio DSP Software Developer

Responsible for creating and improving audio algorithms for Audio Fusion software applications.

  • Prototype concepts projects for user feedback
  • Interest to research ground-breaking concepts in DSP

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Full Stack Web Developer

Responsible for managing web projects and implementing audio tools in the browser.

  • Plan and prototype concept tools
  • improve existing web tools
  • Managing existing website: web protocols and backups


3D Modeller & Animator

Responsible for developing 3D model assets and applying animation. Must be cross-platform-compatible for desktops, mobile phones and virtual reality.

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Always Interested In...

Brief Job Descriptions *More Info Soon*
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2D Graphic Artist

Responsible for creating graphic design assets for Audio Fusion.

  • Software assets (UI design)
  • Website graphics (icons, images)
  • Promo materials (fliers, ads, banners)


Business Development

A new positions created to drive company growth.


Educational Content Developer

Responsibilities include: To plan, create and improve educational content.

  • Written Lesson Units
  • Blog Posts
  • Video Tutorials


Outreach Coordinator

Responsibilities include: Organize, attend, and/or participate in special events

  • Develop and outreach plans that includes promotional and educational strategies.
  • Serve as spokesperson for the organization at meetings, special and media events.
  • Establish and maintain effective relationships

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Interactive Audio Analyst

Responsibilities include: Creating articles and videos that analyze sound design concepts and implementation.

  • Experience with interactive technologies that incorporate sound.
  • Blog about the landscape of game/interactive audio and it’s history.
  • Familiar with Game Audio Middleware (FMOD, Wwise, etc)

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