Learn About Mixing & Signal Flow

With Virtual Simulations

"Signal flow is the universal language behind the path of audio in any recording and production scenario. Understanding and applying signal flow is one of your best tools to increase productivity and avoid stumbling blocks. The more you know the more creative you can be."



SoundcheckPro is an app that helps you learn how to work with audio in studios and live sound.

A signal flow simulator with virtual consoles, mixers, patchbays and external FX. Each parameter is interactive and could be tweaked to adjust the sounds. Learn and practice in a safe, affordable and accessible environment.

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Introducing Virtual Studio XR

Learn mixing and signal flow in 3D and Virtual Reality. Virtual Studio immerses you into the world to explore how all the gear works in a professional recording studio.

The Perfect Co-Curricular Tools

Interactive Audio Processing!

Safe, Affordable and Accessible

"Hands-On" in Class or Online

Show up to labs better prepared

Integrates with ZOOM

*per computer install. Accounts are free*


  • Compact Mixers
  • Starter Mixers
  • Premium Mixers
  • Patchbay
  • Audio Effects
  • Activity Feed & Stats
  • Support


  • Compact Mixers
  • Starter Mixers
  • Premium Mixers
  • Patchbay limited
  • Audio Effects limited
  • Activity Feed & Stats
  • Support limited

What Students Are Saying...

"I learned more with this in 2 days than I did in 2 semesters" - NYC Student

"SoundcheckPro = easily accessible + easy to use + very informative especially in the classroom" - NYC Student

"I found especially as a new user that SoundCheckpro had really simple and clean user interface that made it easier to understand signal flow as a entire concept throughout the class. Really great service that offers a lot for audio!"

- Amber Cox, George Mason University

“I no longer feel behind in learning about analogue audio gear. This fills in the gaps of my experiences during a pandemic.” - Student Survey


Give students the ability to practice at home on their time.