Mixing + Signal Flow Simulator

Data Driven Audio Education

SoundcheckPro is an app that helps you learn the workflows of recording studios & live sound.


A signal flow simulator with virtual consoles, mixers, patchbays and external FX. Each parameter is interactive and could be tweaked to adjust the sounds. Learn and practice in a safe, affordable and accessible environment.


The Perfect Co-Curricular Tool

Interactive Audio Processing!

Safe, Affordable and Accessible

"Hands-On" in Class or Online

Show up to labs better prepared

Integrates with ZOOM

Free SoundcheckPro Web App


Xena is a "hardware-style audio mixer" is runs free in the browser. Originally intended for schools restricted to chromebooks or ipads. Never let go of Signal Flow.

No signup or login required. 

“SoundcheckPro has been a useful tool in a time where most students are remote and unable to gain the hands on training they would in the classroom. This application has allowed me to continue teaching proper techniques when students are not in front of a console. The tech support has been outstanding, and it is refreshing to have a company truly care about improving educational tools.”

- Barbara Adams, Rowan University

“My students come to the studio with greater confidence, ready to work”
- Jon Clark, Salt Lake Community College

“One of the best investments we have made at the lowest cost found to allow our students to perform expensive equipment with just one click.”
-Jesús Sánchez, CEO Director Academia Audioplace

Soundcheck Pro is the virtual studio software we have been needing as educators to re-create the analog signal flow experience.
- Mike Testa, Salem State University

Provides schools with educational and administrative features

  • School Profile page
  • Create and Join Classrooms
  • Monitor students stats with ease
  • Orders and Coupon History
  • Accounts & Lab Station Oversight
  • More coming soon

Our software continues to improve thanks to these programs.





  • Compact Mixers
  • Limited Audio FX
  • Learning Modules
  • Patchbay Module (No Audio)
  • No SoundcheckPro Stats
  • Limited Support


$ 39 / 6months
  • All Mixers
  • All Audio FX
  • Patchbay Audio Routing
  • Learning Modules
  • SoundcheckPro Stats
  • Full Support


$ 49 / 12months
  • All Mixers
  • All Audio FX
  • Patchbay Audio Routing
  • Learning Modules
  • SoundcheckPro Stats
  • Full Support

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* New Educational Package Special* Divide yearly licenses into dual-semester licenses!

Lab Stations

Equip workstations with virtual
signal flow simulators

EDU Portal

Monitor student activations and growth 

What Students Are Saying...

"I learned more with this in 2 days than I did in 2 semesters"

`SoundcheckPro = easily accessible + easy to use + very informative especially in the classroom``

“I no longer feel behind in learning about analogue audio gear. This fills in the gaps of my experiences during a pandemic.”


Give students the ability to practice at home on their time.