Startup & Activating


When opened for the first time SoundcheckPro will display a dialog requiring an email input. Use the email used to register your account.

Account only support one computer activation!
*Only use your email for YOUR PERSONAL machine* 


  1. Launch Soundcheck
  2. Input account email
  3. Input your email on the account page and connect!

Messages & Alerts

Error Messages (Pre-Activation)

Any issues encountered at launch prior to activation should be reported.

  • No Internet Connection
  • No Account Exists
  • Hardware ID Does Not Match

Startup Error Messages (Post-Activation)

  • No Internet Connection
  • Hardware ID Does Not Match
  • New Launcher Available

Activation Reset

License control is not available to end-users. Only special inquiries will be eligible for activation clearing

Email support:


Email support should any of the following occur during launch or activation:

  1. Stuck on Main Logo (no text)
  2. Stuck on Main Logo with the text saying “Downloading Update”

Include the following in your support email:

  1. Operating System + Specs
  2. Copy of text in the “Window>MaxConsole” found in the toolbar menus.


Once activated, the account page is where you could sync your account details and lesson progress.

If you purchase a subscription after activating Soundcheck, it’s suggested to hit the ‘SYNC’ button on the Account Page.

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