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SoundcheckPro requires an account.
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  1. Complete the registration form,
  2. Confirm your account by email.
  3. Use email to reset your password and login!

Registration Form

General Users

It is highly recommended to fill out the entire application.
Include information about the school you studied.

Education Users (Teachers & Students)

Use your school email when registering
This is important as it verifies that your account is associated with a school and will automatically be joined to the EDU Portal.

If your school is provided you with a license code, it will in most cases only work with your school email. Check with your instructor. This will be relevant during checkout via the webshop.

Benefits for Account Holders

Having an account with AudioFusion opens up plenty more possibilities when using Soundcheck.

  • Use the free versions of our software
  • Purchase a subscription or other add-ons.
  • View order history & subscription information
  • View Lesson Progress from Soundcheck!
  • More to come!

Password Reset Issues

In some cases school servers might block the password reset email.

  • Check the spam or junk folders.
  • Did you once register but forgot?
    Check if the original password email still exists!
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