New EDU Portal Released For Schools

The SoundcheckPro EDU PORTAL PANEL (alpha) was made available for educators last semester. This panel enabled them to monitor the collective stats of students in their programs. We are stepping up the administrative capabilities for the new semester with the improved SoundcheckPro EDU PORTAL BETA.

After reading this article we recommend going through the knowledge base articles: here

The EDU PORTAL grants schools a unique profile page with the ability to create classes for students to join. Educators can monitor their student stats in classes or the collective stats of all students within their program.


  • Register a school for the EDU Portal – here
  • Educators accounts verified to be granted privileges
  • Student accounts created using school emails
  • Students will be automatically added to their school if registered with their school emails.

School Profiles

The EDU PORTAL will forward users to their school profile once approved. Users can see all the available classrooms created by educators. Students can join these classrooms.

Updated We are already adding new features to school profiles:

  • Activations within program (students, educators, labs)
  • Order history and activation usage
  • Coupon Code generation

More features will be added to the profile page through the semester.


Educators can monitor student stats of particular groups of students they teach via classrooms. Students may join classrooms and their stats can be viewed by educators for the lifetime of the class page.

*NOTE the stats show the students global stats*


Oversee the activations within your program. General accounts show both educator and student accounts. Lab Stations with show activations on campus computers. Each list will show an indicator as to whether their is an active subscription associated with that account


View a history of orders placed by your program. Monitor activations associated with each order. Coupon codes are listed where applicable.

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We recommend going through the knowledge base articles: here

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