Celebrating 1 Million SoundcheckPro Actions

Upon introducing SoundcheckPro Stats in mid-2020 , basic SoundcheckPro actions have collected in user accounts. Using the consoles, patchbay and other app features throughout SoundcheckPro would appear on user dashboards for them to view their personal progress. Educators using EDU features were able to monitor the collective stats of their entire program. Entering 2021, the community has contributed to a monumental milestone:

There have been over 1 million actions in SoundcheckPro!

In a time when access to hardware technology is extremely limited, SoundcheckPro is enabling the audio education community to continue hands-on training. The common workflows that were taught in the presence of technology has remained tangible within SoundcheckPro. The actions derived from console operation, patchbays and beyond have all been collecting in user profiles waiting to be exposed.

How Educators have used Soundcheck Stats until now:

At a basic level, educators could verify students have created accounts with the correct institution emails. The admin panel would auto-populate accounts verified to be from a school. Educators could also see if the student had subscribed to access the premium consoles and patchbay. Basic categories were displayed in the initial soundcheck stat feature.

Several programs were averaging thousands of patchbay actions a week!

Announcing the new Activity Feed

To celebrate, we are introducing a new feature that brings the power of “Data-Driven Audio Education” to everyone. The new “Activity Feed” will show the most recent 2000 actions made by a user within the last 7 days separated by day. It could be found via the new “activities” button which has been added to every user dashboard. This current data represents data from the uses contribution to the first 1 million actions in SoundcheckPro. Learn more about the Activity Feed

SoundcheckPro Actions displayed in the new Activity Feed

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