SoundcheckPro EDU Admin Panel (Alpha)

The highly anticipated SoundcheckPro EDU Admin Panel is making its debut! The alpha is available for approved educators and institutions.

There is only one requirement to work with the alpha:

  • Students registered using their school email addresses

What Data is displayed?

The alpha admin panel is really simple… All students in the program and their soundcheck stats are pooled into the admin panel into a table view.

  • Name
  • Email
  • Subscribed
  • App Launches
  • Session Launches
  • Last Mixer
  • Patchbay Actions
  • Maggie Uses
  • SZF Uses
  • AWX Used
  • Yamuka Used
  • Xena Used
  • Audyssey Used
  • Feedback Loops
  • Audio Files Added

What can this data tell me?


Enables educators to see which students have registered, activated subscribed and basic app usage.

As courses progress and assignments are given, educators can monitor the numbers and determine the minimum stats that each student should have at a given point.

How to apply?

Reach out via the contact page.

We need the following information included in your request:

  • School Name
  • School URL
  • Proof of affiliation with the institution
  • Email domain(s) of your institution “” that educators and students use.

The future

As there are already a large amount of actions already performed and collected in our analytics platform, we are going to be slowly releasing all possible endpoints.

What parameters have been adjusted and in what order?

Stay tuned!