New Update: Phantom Power, Mic vs Line Sources & More

We’re happy to bring you an exciting new SoundcheckPro update that includes many new features and improvements. Notably, Phantom Power, Mic vs Line Sources! Users have been requesting these features. Now, it’s finally here.

The microphone selection menu has received some well deserved attention. A mic will now reduce its file player signal by at least -20db. On top of that, PHANTOM POWER, has come the mic selection. The lights on the source mic will indicate whether it is requiring or receiving 48v.

  • yellow = requires but not receiving (no output)
  • green = requires and receiving 48v (output)
  • red = not required and will trigger an alert! (no output)

Phantom Powered Mics

What you see in the image is the same audio file loaded onto 5 channels. The clean line signal is on channel 5. Notice the other signals with mics selected are reduced. The mic that requires phantom power is not receiving any so it is not outputting signal . The ribbon mic has a red light next to it because it doesn’t require phantom power and could be damaging it!

Mic vs Line Gain Staging

After the source signal (file player meters), look how the channel input gains are setup. Notice the input connectors are set on top of the Maggie.. Selecting Mic or Line connector will determine how the input gain knob behaves. The Maggie now has an added gain structure for the Mic path (0-60db). On channel 1 (mic with 48v) you can see the gain is boosted higher to match the line-level of channel 5. The other signals are either not outputting signal or are too weak because a mic signal is on the line signal path. This makes more sense in the photo doesn’t it? Hope you enjoy this update

Notable Changes in version 1.5.1:

  • Phantom Powered microphones. These mics will ONLY work when receiving 48v.
  • Mic vs Line ~ (mic signals are minus 20-40db)
  • Recent Sessions Menu for imports
  • Keyboard shortcut for sources,patchbay etc
    (Keys “N… >)”
  • Maggie connectors dictate mic/line input gain
  • Plenty more improvements and fixes

Download SoundcheckPro and start wiring microphones!