New Console ~ SteeV88

In-line with trends from the previous semester, SoundcheckPro users have collectively achieved over 2-Million actions that include parameter changes on mixing consoles and devices as well as patchbay connections. In particular there are over 250,000 patchbay connections made. During a time when access to music technology was globally restricted.

To celebrate with our users, a new console has now joined the family of mixers. The SteeV88 is a simulation of a modern classic made in tribute to ‘the maker’ for all of his glorious creations to the birth of the sonic universe. SteeV88 can be used as 16 channels and 4 channels.

The new SteeV88 console in SoundcheckPro


  • Penthouse SWEET  – The core channel modules of the V88 are line inputs. MicPre/EQ modules have been added to the upper rack (the penthouse) serving as the first input stage of the channels. Note, there still is a secondary gain stage on the channel strip in the same signal path. The penthouse could be modular. If you’re not using an EQ on one channel and would like to use a second EQ on another, it’s as simple as routing to & from the penthouse module. You must see it in action!
  • “vBUS” – the SteeV series offers it’s own of internal bussing system between the penthouse modules and the mono channel strip below them. Instead of patching the output of a penthouse into a mono channel input, there is a dedicated connection that can be engaged. The “vBus” switch will feed the output of the MicPre/EQ module to the input of the channel below. Regardless of patchbay routing. Experiment to make sense of it.
  • “Send Follows Pan” (SFP) – Some of the aux sections have their own ability to pan aux signals or use the pan from the channel fader to control aux panning. This is the first console in SoundcheckPro to offer such flexibilities for aux/cue mixes.
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SteeV88 uses with the classic patchbay setup.

  • The fileplayer feeds the penthouse modules half-normalled via the Mic/Line inputs of the patchbay.
  • The penthouse outputs feed the INSERT send of the patchbay which is half-normalled into the mono channel modules via the Insert Return.
  • Repeating the above, that the channelstrips below the penthouse are by default fed by the Insert Returns