Interview with Sound Design Live

We had the great opportunity to meet with ‘Sound Design Live’ to discuss starting out in sound and building virtual mix simulations for education. This interview really goes back in the history of SoundcheckPro and background of the founder & developer, Sam Fisher. There is also an abundance of insight to executing a product into the market.

A video snippet of demonstrating SoundcheckPro for SoundDesignLive

Some Key Quotes:

  1. Optimization is big in development.
  2. Going to my first convention and being on the floor and meeting people changed everything.
  3. A lot of it comes down to how you break the ice.
  4. People need to understand what’s happening outside of the DAW.
  5. Patch bays are scary…Try to think of that bully like a baby with a pacifier in its mouth.
  6. You should have some sort of R&D in yourself. You should be ready for some sort of revolutionary tech that could radically change the way you work.

You can read the full transcript at Sound Design Live