Free Beginner Mixers – No Subscription Required

Below are FREE beginner mixers that don’t require a paid subscription to use!

Our commitment to lowering the barrier of entry and providing access to hands-on training has never been stronger. SoundcheckPro enables anyone to understand the complexities of signal flow and to promote confidence working with various technologies. For this reason, we set out to create a series of compact mixers that demonstrate unique features in signal flow. Not just that….. These are FREE beginner mixers that don’t need a paid subscription to use. All that is required is a Free Account.

In other words, this is the new DEMO of SoudcheckPro.
There is no longer a 15 minute usage time.



The first in our series of free beginner mixers. Yamuka reflects a mixer style you would find is small spaces for live use but offers a distinct feature that many higher-ed educators have scratched their heads.

There is no “Main Mix Bus” switch on the channels… The 2 mic input channels are mono and by default send a stereo signal to master bus… Engaging the “Mono/Stereo” button causes the channels to “hard pan” left and right. This is distinct workflow will introduce new perspective approaching new hardware. Just because something isn’t common, doesn’t mean one shouldn’t be aware.

The FX send is controlled by a switch and routes through a reverb or a delay effect with 3 switchable presets. Without using the patchbay, the Aux Send and Return path could be demonstrated on the mixer!



The second in our series of free beginner mixers. Xena is a more conventional compact mixer that offers traditional features you would expect to find. The are dedicated bus assignment buttons and pan knobs on each channel.

The audio effects on the aux/fx send will have visible parameters to edit. Without using the patchbay, the Aux Send and Return path could be demonstrated on the mixer!


When exploring new mixers for SoundcheckPro we look for the features that are the most distinct and that will introduce new perspective to the common understanding of signal flow. These mixers might be small but, they cover a good foundation of entry level signal flow and offer some challenging approaches.

Yamuka & Xena are free to explore in SoundcheckPro. A paid subscription is not required. All that is needed is a free account on the website.

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