Audio Education and Virtual Reality: Event at Melrose Center Orlando


We’re proud to announce our first partnership of 2018! The Melrose Center isn’t just part of any ordinary public library. Based in the heart of downtown Orlando, this center is a hub for creative technology and innovation. Melrose offers courses on-site and their schedule is jam-packed with classes ranging from film, VR, music and other forms of media. Their facilities are equipped with essential technologies including Virtual Reality and a world-class recording studio. All of which are accessible to anyone with a library card!


For more information about the studio at Melrose Center: click here


Prior to operating the recording studio, members must undergo a series of classes and assessments. This process takes time as it currently works under scheduling and physical supervision. Still, it is one of the quickest ways to get hands-on in the studio through an educational setting. Restricted by similar limitations that any educational program has, only a certain number of students can be assessed at a timeĀ  When we were first approached by the Melrose Center at the OrlandoIX Conference, they expressed interests in our simulations with the possibility of offering more benefits to their members. Finally in 2018, we are entering the first steps in our collaboration.



The event is open to the audio community, with the aim to educate attendees about the offerings available to Melrose members and how they could use tools made by AudioFusion to advance their skills for the assessment process. We look forward to working with the qualified instructors from their Audio Program, whom have developed a compelling set of courses comparable to institutions around the world.


Their unique position in education and music technology makes Melrose Center Audio Department a very desirable partner in our mission to make high-level audio education accessible. We are thrilled to be collaborating with their team.



For details about the studio facilities at Melrose Center: click here
Check out the schedule to see all the classes listed for the month.


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Thursday March 22, 2018 at 6pm
Melrose Center, Orlando Public Library, 3rd Floor
101 E Central Blvd, Orlando, FL 32801


*The Audio Engineering Society Orlando Section will be holding a meeting at this event. There will be a meet & greet with a tour of the facility before getting started*