Educator Series: Rory Walker

Rory Walker has been working in audio education for over 10 years (SAE,PointBlank), helping students learn their way around the studio on a variety of recording & mixing consoles. In our first educator series, Rory explains the essential use cases of the SoundcheckPro & VirtualStudio training software and why they are important for pro audio programs.

“Teaching in studio environments comes with many challenges”

  • Students itch for the opportunity to get their hands on the board for months only to find they have to share the console with others.
  • Studios have limited space. Students strain to see what others are doing with the hardware.
  • Soundcheck allows students to practice hands-on in their own time in the comfort of their home.
  • Soundcheck brings the studio to a much larger audience at a fraction of the the cost.

Watch Rory’s video to know what he sees as the great advantages to using Soundcheck for pro–audio courses. Take it from an educator who has a decade of experience teaching audio in the classroom & online.

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