Data Driven Audio Education

The benefits of virtual simulations in education comes from data that can be derived from remote settings. Educators want to be able to measure student growth with integrity when students are not physically present. “Soundcheck Stats” are the solution, similar to video game stats presented in the users profile. SoundcheckPro is influencing “Data Driven Audio Education”.

What Soundcheck Stats are available?

In phase one, there are multiple stats available to kickstart our efforts in data driven audio education:

  • App Launches
  • Session Launches
  • Last Console Used
  • Console Launch Counts
  • Patchbay Connections
  • Feedback Loop Alerts
  • Audio Files Loaded

One partnering school had 1400 patchbay connections in their first week!

In September alone there have been:

  • 10,000+ patchbay connections
  • 15,000+ console interactions
  • 10,000+ audio files loaded

View your Soundcheck Stats Here!

What can educators learn from Soundcheck Stats?

We are slowly rolling out our SoundcheckPro EDU Admin Panel. Similar to how the user dashboard displays individual Soundcheck Stats, the EDU Admin Panel will display all of the Soundcheck Stats of students in a given audio program.

Educators must apply to access this feature!

With these basic starts educators can tell who has activated the software, launched specific consoles and be assured some actions were taken in the session. The educator can use the data to influence discussions with specific students or general directions for the class.

What Soundcheck Stats will be available in the future?

Future stats will include more basic actions. When interactive exercises are introduced, those activities will serve as milestone indicators:

How many files successfully added to mix in a session?
How many meters in a session hit clipping levels?
Pre EQ Insert Switched Enabled?

Can you think of any Soundcheck Stats that we should include in future updates?