Audio Educator Series : Matt Holmes

There has been an on-going discussion on the possibilities of changing the course of education while we have the opportunity. Many aspects of the student learning experience are being lost in these dialogs. Mainly, that “personal” is getting lost in the discussions about “personalized education”


How “personal” can education be if the educator has no idea what the student’s are thinking or the questions that arise as they work on assignments from home?


This is one topic that has been on the mind of several educators. Matt Holmes, an audio educator from Hennepin Technical College in Minnesota mentioned a great solution to this question. Matt is using SoundcheckPro this semester in his audio classes. His plan is to have his students screen capture their SoundcheckPro sessions while narrating with their voices. When Matt watches his student videos, he can observe what they were thinking as they perform the action. It gives him a connection to the student thought process.


We think it’s a great solution and we thought it would be good to share his points on the matter. Watch Matt discuss his approach this semester in our latest Educator Series Video!