Activation Steps

  • Download & launch VAS2d Standalone

  • Use REQUEST# on the activation form

  • Use Activation Code to unlock and enjoy!

VAS2d Activation Form

VAS2D - Activation Request Form
Where to send the Activation Code.
Easily remember which activations codes were for which computer.
Number presented at first launch of VAS standalone

Need Help?

There was an error with my activation code.

  • Make sure software is launched from APPLICATIONS FOLDER
    • Delete and unzip again if soEmail your request # and computer information to

Wont launch because Apple says it's from "an unidentified developer"

Apple continues to tighten their grip in attempt to have software released on their Mac App Store. We had previously resolved this issue but Apple again has raised it’s bar.

To get around this, launch the software using RIGHT CLICK. After first launch could be opened as regular.

My activated license ticket has expired

Your trial has ended. Hold SHIFT + CTRL while launching.
Email the presented  REQUEST# to

A reset code will be returned.

Apple says this software is broke and to move it to the trash

Again… Apple tightening their security grip. We assure you our software is not harmful to your machine!

Send us information about your mac to