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In-App Refresh Updates

Keeping computer software up to date could present challenges for users and businesses. The whole idea of offering updates is to constantly better the core value and functionality of a software then, deliver it to users as intuitively as possible. Strangely, it tends to feel like I’m forcing my way through more steps to get through the update process. We want users to get the most from using our training simulations. That means we need to deliver new versions of our software to them as soon as possible.. Not only do we want to notify our users of an update
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AudioFusion Brings On New Education Officer, Anthony Schultz

Transitioning the use of Virtual Analog Studio software into classrooms can be a challenge. It may seem simple but, we’ve seen common points of confusion for educators when adopting new technologies. We set out to overcome these obstacles and we’re brining on a new Education Officer, Anthony Schultz, to create relatable content for students & educators in our community.    Anthony is a music producer, educator and studio owner for over 20 years. He given courses at the New England Institute of The Arts and Berklee College of Music. He is a dedicated member of the Audio Engineering Society serving
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